About Cherry Games.

The name Cherry Games is based on a member of our Team, who handles the nickname "Cherryzard" online, coming from her love for Pokemon (which shows as our 2 cats are called "Misty" and "Brock"), and a mashup of her own name; Cherell. She has been having a hard time with her health the past few years, and we figured, what better way to combine the 2 things we love, games and family!

We are sharing all our little projects (including it's code, assets, resources etcetera) we have been, and will be making, with the community; for free. In return, any and all donations we raise, will go straight to her.

All these projects are usually the result of game-jams we join, it's a great start to build your own framework around, however, nothing stops you from just grabbing any resource from it, and using it in your own project(s).

We hope you can learn and make use of these, keep an eye out on this website, and follow us on twitter, more is gonna be available over time, and we hope with your help we can make this website keep growing.

Dennis and Cherell

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